If you are into documentary style short films or just like seeing real people in raw form, you should really check this video out.

The first and only documentary short I have been a part of, producing and editing DFW and YOU was a fun and self-fulfilling experience.


I want to do another installment, it’s just a matter of making the time and taking the initiative. (As with most ideas!)

Connecting with my community through this type of medium is something I had been itching to do for a while but had a little trepidation about tackling. One day, I was feeling really inspired and just went with it.

I reached out to a fewย people at my school that I liked working with and thought might be into the concept of compiling some man-on-the-street interviews.

We chose one question: What is your paradise? We filmed for one full day, split between two locations: Dallas and Denton, Texas. This was the result! Hope it brightens your day and makes you want more!

4 thoughts on “DFW and YOU

  1. Pat Seum says:

    Love, Love, Love this. My paradise is laying on a quiet beach listening to the waves. I look forward to watching more of your adventures.


    1. Natalie Szczechowski says:

      Stephanie! Hi doll!! Thank you so much for the feedback and thank you for watching! This was such a great experience. It was so cool that people were so willing to chat. I’m trying to add another installment within the next two months and will probably open up a thread to allow people to help choose what the next question will be. Have a great one, beautiful!


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