Berrynaked| Dallas Startup Makes Healthy Great Again

Berrynaked (Natalie Filter Applied):

-Wide assortment of flavors packed into pretty pops
-Healthy options, all fresh, puréed ingredients
-Go solo or with family and friends
-Located on Lovers Lane, Inwood Village
-Great way to #supportlocal


The Story


See that hand right there? That skilled hand belongs to Heather, the mom and overall boss lady behind Dallas’ cool popsicle joint, Berrynaked.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with her at the cozy, Rise No. 1, a soufflé restaurant just doors down from Berrynaked’s home on Lovers Lane.


Pursuing an interest in supporting local, I wanted the 411 behind the pops I had grown to love. If, like me, you are a sucker for aesthetically appealing food pics on social media, then you’ll understand what originally lured me to Berrynaked:



I mean, how photogenic are these?! All gourmet and artisanal, the purée based pops at Berrynaked are packed with flavor. By that I mean: they make healthy taste great.

I had to adjust my diet a few years back because my blood sugar levels were too high. As someone who grew up with a major sweet tooth, it’s been hard for me to find satisfying, healthy dessert options. However, in an effort that started with Heather becoming a full time Mom that wanted to provide her own kids with the right options, she and her crew definitely found the right recipes. These popsicles don’t make me feel like I’m settling because I need to be healthier–they are just plain good.

And listen, I ain’t no saint, okay? I still indulge in the “cheat day” items, as some would call them. Well, Berrynaked has options for that type of behavior, too! You can get your choice of pop dipped and drizzled in a luxe assortment of my favorite word: chocolates!

Speaking of options, there is no shortage. From classics like Strawberry Agave and Blood Orange–to creatives like Hydrate (coconut water, kiwi, strawberry, grape, organic raw cane sugar) and Greek Me Up (greek yogurt, seasonal fruit cubes, Texas honey or organic agave), there is something for everyone. (And I, proudly, have tried almost all of them! WhOo!) They are always keeping the menu fresh, different, and trendy. For example, Matcha Latte. Post a pic of that one with the caption, “I love so matcha,” and you’re one step closer to becoming an Instablogger.

Did I mention they deliver? Yep, you can get your events, parties, and backyard bashes catered by Berrynaked! After my last trip there, I got a few pops packaged up to-go because one of the always-friendly employees at Berrynaked told me the packaging would keep the pops in tact for an hour! I ended up passing them out at the salon I was going to Uptown and the surprised response of, “oh my gosh, where did you say these are from?” was unanimous. 


Sitting down for lunch with Heather was a pleasure because the boss lady inspo being served was very real. She has an entrepreneurial mindset, a go-get-it attitude, intelligence, class–and a lot of love for, not just her family, but her community, as well.

Whether they are PoPping up at local events or featuring their fans, I highly recommend keeping up with Berrynaked on social media for that added bit of sunshine on your feed. (P.S. no promises, but they are really good at interacting with their followers, so if you stop by, snag a pic, post it and tag them!)


Alright, so, next time your looking for a treat in Dallas, try this place out! Whether you’re getting a pop or building your own purée cup (yep, that’s an option, too!) the dessert experience will be fun and you will truly be supporting local! Maybe it’s a matter of taste, but I think it is imperative that a community supports its small businesses and local shops and Berrynaked is a true Dallas startup!

If you haven’t already tried it out, go see what it’s all about. Heck–you might see Heather there! If you do, tell her you saw this post and that I say hello!

Happy exploring, DFW friends! As always, if you have any thoughts or questions to share, let me know in the comments below!

5560 W Lovers Ln.
#251 Dallas, TX




Author: Natalie Szczechowski

An Integrated Studies Major at the University of North Texas, I'm a fashion and entertainment blogger with dreams of working in comedy. I created a show for UNT that is filmed in the style of The Office and Parks and Recreation. I wrote for, produced, directed, and hosted the school's late night entertainment show: Late Night at North Texas. I have acted in several short films and written one which I then adapted into a short story, "I Am Mortal." I am a freelance photographer and am lucky enough to be the Director of Business Development at Visible Agency, as well as work for my Mom's business, Tashi Brow and Skin Studio. My biggest flaw is that I spend money like I have it. But hey, things are always looking up!

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