About Me

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Hello there!

My name is Natalie Szczechowski and I love talking about myself so this will be fun.

(Just kidding.)

Okay, but yes: on to the good stuff.

To explain my last name: this doozy, pronounced “shh-house-key,” comes from my Dad’s Polish side of the family and, yes, most of its consonants are unnecessary!

Also from my Dad’s side of the family comes my German roots. On the other hand, my Mom’s side of the family is all Korean and thanks to her, I speak Korean! All I can do in Polish is sing happy birthday but that’s pretty impressive so the next time you see me, ask and I’ll do it for you.

(Both of my French teachers said that I am really picking up the language but that is news to me so I’m not going to brag about anything there.)

Speaking of speaking, I really like talking. I like going out, staying in, being around people, being by myself, trying new things, celebrating traditions, hugging dogs, reading, all things artsy, food, sports, and I prefer being outdoors as much as possible. I recognize that these are all generally likeable things but, hey, are you here to learn about me or what?

I am a full time student, majoring in Integrated Studies at the University of North Texas. My three concentrations are: media arts, philosophy, and theatre. I can’t wait to have my degree so I can go to infinity and beyond and all of that exciting stuff.

I have a part time job, which I love, at my Mom’s self-owned business: Tashi Brow and Skin Studio. I run her website and do all things “front-desk” related. My Mom is really successful. I get a lot of my drive to be independent from her. If you know me personally, you know that my family is my world. I’ve been a Daddy’s girl for as long as I can remember because (luckily) that is the relationship he has allowed for! I have a younger sister and a younger brother and consider them two of my very best friends. Our dog Belle is my right hand. She favors me. As she should.


My biggest passions are: traveling, writing, acting, and improvisation! But, one will find, I am a very passionate person. I mean, I am really good at staying busy.

The most productive use of my spare time is put toward directing, photography, and fashion. Currently, I have a show at UNT called, “The Writers’ Room.” All of my heart is invested in it. It’s a droll comedy inspired by shows like The Office and Parks & Recreation and the collaboration process that goes into putting this show together, I imagine, is a taste of the dream.


My interest in writing for television came from my involvement in another show at UNT: Late Night at North Texas. It’s a late night entertainment show much like The Tonight Show or Conan. I started off as a talent/writer, became a producer after that, directed for one season, and last season, I was the host! The Writers’ Room actually came from a skit that I wrote for this show. The skit was based off of the Late Night writers I was working with that season!


I’m pursuing a job in entertainment but my end goal is to open a crazy cool after school program for kids. I love working with children and always have. Fun fact: when I was in 4th grade I organized a summer school at my house. I knocked on people’s doors in our neighborhood and asked them if they would like to bring their children to my backyard daycare… Surprisingly, they did? Can you believe that? I still have a hard time believing that. It was a great success. Another fun fact: this lasted one day. What I’m saying is, if I could do it then I can do it as an adult!

My Dad was in the Air Force so I have had the opportunity to live in several amazing places. My parents’ love of traveling has greatly influenced my life and my personality. I can’t get enough of it! Outside of the U.S., I’ve lived in Korea and Germany. I’ve been to the Czech Republic, the U.K., Luxembourg, Ireland, France, and Mexico! I am so incredibly glad that I have had these opportunities and don’t take it for granted. I have learned that money is worth saving in order to explore the world.

My most frequently used phrase would have to be, “I’m down.” I am slightly ADD but prefer life that way. I put loved ones first, so I’m glad they support my dreams as much as they do. Although I am social in general, I have a select few people that I lean on and I do my best to let them know how much they are cared for.

I have a happy temperament and I am very expressive!
I don’t have patience for narrow-mindedness and I am very glad being weird is in right now.